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Product Introduction

WL805A/805B Great hall type inquires the terminal



To meet malls, supermarkets, cinemas, EDI, mobile, schools, hospitals and other industries in the self-service Application needs of the area, Launched one of the hall-type customer self-service terminal equipment.

Can be applied to traditional shopping malls, supermarkets, Multimedie, the theater, the school, the hospital. To provide our customers with convenient, fast and secure self-service, Allow customers to multimedia services through the terminal, to achieve E. era of information and entertainment services.

Product Features

Convenient operation --
Vivid graphics animation, narrative and the rich voices suggest that the self-Print, user-friendly
Pleasing appearance -- Streamlined design, in accordance with ergonomic principles, then the human interface, compact structure, to operate
Interconnection --

Support a variety of communication protocols, to meet different needs of network

Module Design -- Easy to install, maintain, upgrade and expansion
Lower costs -- Consumption of low-cost, fast and more artificial increase more than 10-fold

Main function

Information Advertisement broadcast Online Video Chat
Internet Surfing Music Download Bluetooth function

Main disposition

Control module :

pentium 3 800MoreCPU,256MB DDR,40G HDD RJ45NIC,(RS2WL32, SDLCSimulation optional card )

User Module : 15" LCD screen AOCT151
Advertising modules : Independent advertising module
Audio Module : Sound Card,Multimedia Speakers
The optional pieces :

Touchscreen (Surface acoustic wave-Ji TL4B15D1 / riot TL6B15D1)

Video : placing
Extended pieces : USB INTERFACE (FOR DATA TRANSMISSION) ;SD card, MMC card, MINISD cardjack;GPRS;Bluetooth;

Working conditions



AC 220V 50Hz




Relative humidity



 External dimensions and weight