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Product   Introduction

WL803A/803B Great hall type self-service service terminal



To meet the banking, telecommunications, Unicom, the mobile industry in cash and non-cash self-service (Collection of pay )Application needs of the area,Launched one of the hall-type customer self-service terminal equipment.

Can be applied to traditional banking outlets, Self-help banks, the banks open, and Multimedie Unicom, the 24-hour business networks, etc. To provide our customers with convenient, fast and secure self-service, Greatly reduced the pressure on the counters, improve service quality and raise the industry’s image.

Product Features

Convenient operation --
Vivid graphics animation, narrative and the rich voice suggested that enables customers to easily operate
Pleasing  appearance -- Streamlined design, in accordance with ergonomic principles, then the human interface, compact structure, to operate
Full functions -- Bank cover non-cash self-service function of the majority
Interconnection -- Support a variety of communication protocols, to meet different needs of network
Module Design -- Easy to install, maintain, upgrade and expansion

Main function

Information Account inquiry Password changes
Electronic transfers Bank cards in Malaysia Cash to pay upfront fees
Print documents Print invoices Balance inquiries
Print List Real-time inventory Print User identification

Main disposition

Control module :

pentium 3 800MoreCPU, 256MB DDR, 40GMore HDD RJ45NIC,(RS2WL32, SDLCSimulation optional card )

Documents print module :

EPSON  EUT-5WL32Thermal printer (with machetes)

Users input module :

Stainless steel keyboard ,10 Key figures +6 function keys

User Module : 15" LCD screen
Audio Module : Sound Card,Multimedia Speakers
The optional pieces : Touchscreen
(Surface acoustic wave-Ji TL4B15D1 / riot TL6B15D1)

Working conditions


  AC 220V 50Hz




Relative humidity



 External dimensions and weight