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Product   Introduction

WL501 Print the charges desktop terminals



To meet the banking, telecommunications, Unicom, the mobile industry in non-cash self-service (Collection of pay )Application needs of the area,Launched one of the hall-type customer self-service terminal equipment.

Can be applied to traditional banking outlets, Self-help banks, the banks open, and Multimedie Unicom, the 24-hour business networks, etc. To provide our customers with convenient, fast and secure self-service, Greatly reduced the pressure on the counters, improve service quality and raise the industry’s image.

Product Features

Convenient operation -- Vivid graphics animation, narrative and the rich voice suggested that enables customers to easily operate
Pleasing  appearance -- Streamlined design, in accordance with ergonomic principles, then the human interface, compact structure, to operate
Full functions --

Bank cover non-cash self-service function of the majority

Interconnection --

Support a variety of communication protocols, to meet different needs of network

Module Design -- Easy to install, maintain, upgrade and expansion

Main function

Passbook Print

Main disposition

Control module :

pentium 3 800MoreCPU,MINIMain Board ,128MB RAM,64M Electronic Hard More ,RJ45NIC,(RS2WL32, SDLCSimulation optional card )

Passbook print module :


User Module :

3.2" LED  Color display; Operation of text

Audio Module :

Sound Card,Multimedia Speakers


Working conditions



AC 220V  50Hz




Relative humidity



 External dimensions and weight