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Water Vending Machine
People are getting more health conscious especially with the current environmental and pollution issues. The needs for pure and clean drinking water have been increasingly critical. Worldwide medical and nutritional researches have convinced the very high benefits of pure drinking water for human to maintain good health.

Coin Exchange Machine
Yamay was the holder of the authorized vendor license issued by Bank Negara Malaysia Royal Mint. The license is currently issued to Yamay. A license issued by Royal Mint is required and must be prominently displayed on each coin exchange machine. Licensing may be done one 'bundle' basis i.e. one license covering a number of machines.
Prepaid Airtime Vending Machine
Prepaid phone line has emerged as one of the most popular trend in this country. Currently, most of the prepaid customers buy their reload card through phone dealers/distributors as well as from the grocery shops which provide such service to their customers. However, there are a lot of inefficiencies and cost involved in distributing the prepaid scratch card. With that in mind, the prepaid airtime vending machine division of Yamay was set-up since 2005 to undertake the conceptualization, design and development of the prepaid airtime
Juice Water Vending Machine
ifruitti is Malaysia’s 1st fully icy juice water vending machine interactive one stop juice and pi water services that operates 24 hours!
ifruitti offer a full range of juice flavor that includes orange, tropical and blackcurrant.
ifruitti carries the missions to provide icy juice drink to overcome the inefficiency of physical juice distribution, to increase business opportunity for its Business Owners and to provide round the clock, round the corner services for consumers.
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